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Business Licenses & Permits

All businesses (including home businesses) which operate in the City of Graymoor-Devondale must apply for a business license each year as authorized by City Ordinance.

Existing businesses must complete and return the Business License Application and applicable fees by June 30th of each year in order to ensure they have the proper licensing for the current fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th.)

New businesses, prior to opening, must complete the Business License Application and pay the one time fee of $25.00 for the first year.

The City requests that all businesses provide the Insurance Carrier/Provider for your business to us so that we can verify Graymoor-Devondale receives the applicable Insurance Premium Tax Remittance.

Business License Application

Home Businesses

Residents often ask whether any business activity can occur at a single-family home in the City of Graymoor-Devondale. The simple answer is that limited, incidental, business activity is allowed in residentially zoned areas, but subject to Metro Louisville and City of Graymoor-Devondale restrictions.

Limited and incidental business activity has to be allowed in residential areas. This is because it is quite impossible for most people to completely separate their “business” from their home. You may make calls to clients or suppliers from home. You may invite a client to your home now and again, or store files. Your children may deliver newspapers, or shovel snow from driveways. These are examples of allowable, limited and incidental business activity.

This means that the zoning rules have developed over time to recognize that some limited, incidental, level of business activity must be allowed in residential areas. City of Graymoor-Devondale ordinances are a bit more restrictive than the zoning regulations for Metro Louisville. For instance, the City of Graymoor-Devodnale does not allow residents to operate any business that has outside employees.

Anyone who has questions about whether a certain activity is prohibited should refer to the City of Graymoor-Devondale Ordinance on home occupations. Please also go the Metro Louisville website ( and read the home occupation restrictions that are posted on its website.

Graymoor-Devondale would like to thank both current and those starting businesses in our city. Not only do we appreciate the services and convenience you bring to our residents, we appreciate the economic contributions you make to our economy.

Building Permits

Graymoor-Devondale, as a fourth-class city, has considered, passed and enforces ordinances related to changes residents make to their property. Before beginning any construction on your property, you should contact the City Clerk to request a Building Permit. You will be asked to complete and return the request for a Building Permit to the City Clerk. Your request will be reviewed for approval by Graymoor-Devondale's Code Enforcement Officer.

Failure to obtain the required Building Permit may delay, alter, or stop your project. It is important that you advise your contractor that Graymoor-Devondale's building requirements are NOT the same as Metro Louisville's requirements. Letters of Compliance issued by Garymoor-Devondale do not guarantee approval from Metro Louisville.  

If you are considering a project that is outside  the scope outlined in the City's ordinances, you must obtain a variance to the ordinance requirements. This can be done by completing a Variance Request Form along with pictures and descriptions of the project that is outside the scope of the ordinance requirement. This must be done at least 7-10 days prior to the Council meeting when the variance will be considered. This information should be returned to the City Clerk.

Application for Letter of Compliance  Variance Request  Fence Permit Application

Rental Property Permit

Graymoor-Devondale has passed an ordinance considering rental property as it would other businesses and requiring an annual registration of the rental property and payment of an associated fee of $75.00. If a homeowner in Graymoor-Devondale chooses to rent their property, they are now required to comply with annual registration and fee requirements. In order to obtain the required Permit, the completed Application must be returned to the City Clerk with the registration fee of $75.00. Failure to register rental property with Graymoor-Devondale may result in fines.

Property Rental Application

Request a Building Permit or Rental Application Contact Information Below

City Clerk/Treasurer
Nancy Perito
1500 Lynn Way
Louisville, KY 40222


Click to download and print Permits and Forms

Business License Application Property Rental Application Construction Application

Homestead Exemption

Property owners who are 65 or older are eligible to receive the Homestead Exemption on their primary residence. If you are eligible, the exemption amount is subtracted from your property’s assessed value, reducing your property tax liability. Only one exemption is allowed per household. The Homestead Exemption applies to your Jefferson County and Graymoor-Devondale tax liability. For information, contact the Jefferson County PVA Homestead Department at 574-6380.

Alcohol License:

If you are applying for a New Alcoholic Beverage License in the City of Graymoor-Devondale, you will first need to apply for the license with the State of Kentucky ABC Department. You may download the application from their website at

Your local ABC administrator must approve your application before your license will be processed in Frankfort. Once your application is approved in Frankfort, your local administrator will then also issue a local license. Both State and Local fees will apply.

If you have questions, contact the KY Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at 502-564-4850 or your local administrator at 429-0834.

Renewals for alcoholic beverage licenses will automatically be sent by both the State and Local jurisdictions.